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Our websites will work harder for your business, generating more leads and sales.


  • In-house design, development and copywriting
  • Aftercare and support as standard
  • Easy for anyone to manage and update
  • Always SEO Friendly



Phase 1 – Design

Drawing from your requirements, the design of the website is created bespokely in Photoshop by one of our designers. We’ll work closely with you during this phase, exchanging ideas until we arrive at the final design for your website. Factors such as the organisation’s brand and target audience play a key part in developing the overall visual style of the site.

By the end of this first stage, we deliver the design of the website and all subsequent pages in PDF format to be signed off. 25% of the overall cost of the project is due at the beginning of this phase.

Phase 2 – Development

During this phase, the graphic elements from the final prototype are used to develop a digital version of the approved PDF design.

You will receive a testing link to view the design and a framework for the website’s operation on our staging server (To note: this is not the completed website. Some backend development will not yet be in place so not all functionality will be available).

25% of the overall cost of the project is due at the beginning of this phase.

Phase 3 – Population

This is the phase in which the website functionality is developed and content populated as outlined in the proposal.

For Ecommerce websites, this means adding products, and set up of shipping and payment capabilities. In the case of website redesigns, content may be sourced from the previous site where applicable. If copywriting or new content is required, this will also be developed at this stage.

25% of the overall cost of the project is due at the beginning of this phase.

Phase 4 – Testing & Launch

Before site launch, testing will be carried out in staging in order to ensure that the site functions as per requirements, as well as testing for website interoperability and mobile/browser considerations. In the cases where search engine optimisation is required, this will also be performed during this phase.
CMS training can be provided in advance of launch if required, to ensure that you are able to update your website’s content with ease.

The final 25% of payment is due at the end of this phase, and the project is signed off to go live.

Some of our Recent Projects

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We focus on creating intuitive, graphically rich, responsive sites integrated with a robust back-end and digital marketing plugins.

We believe that all websites should be beautiful no matter what device they are viewed on, so all sites are fully responsive.

Your website is your online salesperson. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; your website is there to give your potential customers an overview of what you do, what your prices and costings are, as well as a way for them to get in touch to set up a deal or get further information on what you do.

But sometimes, we see businesses being held back from their potential, due to their websites being out of date, non-mobile friendly, or sometimes not even working properly. That’s where we come in. We want our clients to succeed in their business, and we do everything we can to help, ensuring we deliver high-quality website design solutions, made and tailored individually.

We Listen To Our Clients.

We genuinely care about our clients’ business’, and as such, we provide the highest quality standard and care. You are our priority and so we will give advice on a regular basis to help you make the most out of your services with us. We will work closely with you, reviewing design choices and options with you, to find the service or design that suits your business best. We aim to listen and meet your needs, whilst offering expertise on matters that may be unclear.

Our creative and unique design process means that each part of the website’s construction is transformed for each client. We do this to achieve the vision you have for your business website. Each of our websites are made using the requirements you specify, the latest technologies on the market, and the content you provide (though we can also construct content if required).

Responsive And Mobile Ready

The mobile marketplace is enormous and growing ever larger. With an ever-increasing number of people now using the internet on mobile devices rather than on PCs, it is crucial for your business to have a website which is responsive and mobile-ready; even more vital nowadays since Google punishes the search rankings of websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Here at Softech Digital therefore, we make it part of our mission to ensure that all of our websites are fully responsive and mobile friendly, as we believe that all websites should be beautiful no matter what device they are viewed on.

Technical Proficiency

The team at Softech Digital have had experience in designing websites for a large array of clients, using multiple CMS (Content Management System) platforms, including:

Integration With Our Services

We understand that some companies may not want only a new website or SEO. Some may want a comprehensive package to cover their business’s online efforts and completely revamp their digital marketing strategy.

That’s why we provide a set of inclusive services to help boost your company’s online presence to new heights. We provide Search Engine OptimisationSocial Media Marketing and Content Writing, all of which work in tandem with our exceptional website development.

If you want a digital marketing package, all included under one roof, look no further.