Content Writing

Unique, high quality written content is key to any company’s online presence. Our written content can help.

We at Softech Digital are passionate about creating high-quality web copy and content for your business. Some of the services we offer include:

At Softech Digital, we would like to think that our services go hand in hand, with each of our services complementing one another. We therefore also offer high-quality written content and copy for your website, that not only works well on its own but also works beautifully in tandem with our other services, such as SEO and Web Design.

Why Choose Softech Digital?

Softech Digital is one of the leading providers of content and copywriting services in LondonKentSussex and Surrey, among others. We work with all businesses and organisations, whether local or multinational, privately owned or public, and help them use the power of written content to increase brand awareness, enhance customer experience, drive sales, and increase return on investment.

Our content is written directly with your business and brand message in mind, to your specifications. This content can be produced for whatever your business requires, from web copy to articles and more.


A common question when it comes to copywriting is, understandably, how can you be sure content will be error free? For us, the answer is simple. We run our content through various spell and grammar checkers and have expert proof-readers to check your content is mistake-free.

Our Blogs & Articles

A lot of companies in recent times have added a blogging section to their website, and with good reason. A blog helps to keep everyone in the loop with what your company is doing, helps to boost search rankings, and it shows that your website is cared for and regularly updated. Whilst some blog posts are crammed full of keywords and written for the sole purpose of SEO, we take time in our work to ensure that the content flows well, has all the keywords necessary to be search engine friendly, and is, crucially, engaging to your target market.

We take pride in the quality of our content, and we always write our articles and blogs specifically for our clients. We use thorough research and careful writing to gain a clear understanding of your business, and create content that will reflect your business’ proficiency in the industry.

Articles and blogs are included with our SEO packages, but content writing can also be delivered separately.

Our Copywriting Services

When a potential customer visits your website, you will only have a few seconds to capture their attention and entice them to continue reading about your business. Poorly written web copy means your potential customers will go elsewhere and you’ll lose that vital website traffic.

We provide high-quality web copy and sales copy, specifically designed to get your business’ message across succinctly and promote your brand image. Our copy is, and will always be, constructed by our professional copywriters after they’ve done thorough research on your industry, target market and what your company offers to ensure it is unique and specialised to you.

Press Releases

Everyone likes talking about themselves and what’s going on in their lives, and it should be no different for your business. Keeping your potential clients and customers in the loop about your latest projects and services is great for your search engine rankings, as well as your social media and customer interaction.

One of the best ways to keep everyone in the loop is with regular press releases. Our team will ask you for your recent successes and achievements, and use that information to write high-quality press releases for your website’s blog section, and for posting on other outlets.

We now include a monthly press release with all SEO packages.